The Power of Knowledge in Islam


No doubt that knowledge is a great power and it always had a great impact on the nations. Like someone plan for Umrah he chose Umrah Packages 2017 UK, the best package everything is arranged but still journey is ruined why? Because of the lack of knowledge regarding rituals, so the importance of knowledge is clear. Even our Prophet (PBUH) has laid emphasis on it, after the battle of Badr, the ransom he took from the prisoners was to educate his people. Religious knowledge is really necessary but for surviving in the world is also of great importance. It basically helps in the growth of mind. As your body needs food to grow, mind needs knowledge to grow. Many people are out there who either focus on religious knowledge or only on worldly knowledge. Well I think now it’s time to invent a new system where we can combine religious and contemporary sciences together. It is the only way to develop your nation.

The integration of knowledge helps to reformulate the teachings of Islam, I don’t mean to change anything in the teaching but to collaborate it with the world so one can have a complete access to the entire valley of knowledge. Yes there is a valley of knowledge, less we know less we learn, more we know, more we discover. Today when world is working in the department of research and but we Muslims are still stuck with the issues that doesn’t make any sense to discuss. There are various things that now science has discovered but they were already mentioned in our holy book Quran. The deeper you go in the sea of knowledge, more you will rise.

So, rise with the knowledge and be thankful to Allah the Almighty, spend time in worship, praising him and his wisdom, seek forgiveness. Keep in mind that your soul needs good spirits, mind needs knowledge, body needs food and your emotions need to be handled with intelligence. Never neglect any one of it throughout your life.

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